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Diesel power plants - Turnkey

Our diesel power plants can be delivered with John Deere, MAN, or Cummins high speed diesel engines.

Engines can be delivered in 50 and 60 Hz, depending on market and customer requirements.

Extensive level of engineering allows Joseph Tehini & Fils to deliver turnkey power plants worldwide.

We are proud to count among our customers, hotels, resorts, hospitals, large commercial centers, data centers, banks, TV stations, as well as many others where power supply is a priority for their proper operation.

Our priority at Joseph Tehini & Fils is to provide our customers with efficient solutions. By modeling the power plants in 3D, we offer you a clear perspective of what your powerhouse is to be.
You benefit greatly from this, as this reduces co-ordination issues with other contractors, avoiding costly re-engineering and modifications.
This is possible thanks to our team of engineers, who rely on years of know-how proper to JTF in this field.

The projects Joseph Tehini & Fils executes are often subject to complex constraints, with power plants very close to occupied areas, in some cases on the other side of a conference room wall. The geospatial arrangement requires accurate acoustical and vibrational analysis, as well as a careful and meticulous execution in order to achieve optimum results.
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